What happened in 2018: I quit my day job and started a startup with two of my friends, after 10 months of work we decided to stop working on it for several reasons. (Read about it here)
In those 10 months, I learned more than I ever did in my lifetime on startups and building a product.

Those are the top 5 things I learned:

  1. Choosing a market you like before you start working on anything.
  2. Be part of that community you try to serve.
  3. Build an audience. It should be a mailing list and social network followers.
  4. Communication is everything. Learn how to communicate your thoughts and progress.
  5. Things take time, don't think you can have success after a few months. "It's not a sprint it's a marathon."

Online presence

Goal for 2019: Focus on growing my audience and mailing list.
Habits that will help get me there:
 - More personal blogging.
 - More involvement in the makers community (Tweeter, MegaMaker, IndieHackers).

Build Create Camp

Goal for 2019: X paying customers.
Habits that will help get me there:
 - Dedicated time blocks to work on it.
 - Start small stay small.