You've had a product idea in your head for a few weeks. You may have had others, but this one you can't shake off.

This product idea is so compelling that you have to bring it to life. You start working on the product at nights and during the weekend. You read books about Lean Startup product development and listen to podcasts about others who have started their own side project. Months pass, but eventually, you're ready to show your revolutionary new idea to the world.
You announce your new product on Reddit, Twitter, IndieHackers and every other online place you know.  You set up your ProductHunt page and press the Launch button. And then?

You wait for a few hours and get a few upvotes, but no signup

Does this story sound familiar to you?
If it does, you're not alone.

I have started countless side projects. The first few I lost interest in and stopped working on them a few months after started. The others I finished, but they failed to gain traction.

2018 should have been my big year. I quit my job and started my own startup with two of my friends, but we failed again.

Finally, I realized what I was doing wrong.

The problem people like you and I face is not that we don't know how to code or build great products. There are many excellent books, tutorials, podcasts, and blogs that can help us become experts.
But few of these resources tell you how to build an audience around your product.

As Makers, we love the building part, and we can spend months perfecting our product. We know that we should also build an audience, but we don't know how. Instead, we tweet about our product, we write a few posts and when we get a few likes and comments, we think we have successfully built up an audience.

We haven't, though. Building an audience takes time, a long time, and getting feedback from random people on IndieHackers or ProductHunt does NOT count.

Growing an audience is about creating a camp around your product. Your goal is to establish a group of people that want and need to use your product and who will support you even when your product is still buggy and doesn't have all the features they need. You want followers who will be the first people to buy the product on the launch day and tell others how great it is.

If this resonates with you, let me know! Shoot me your email address, and I'll keep you in the loop about new developments in my journey to solve this problem. I promise I won't send you any spam.