• https://jamesclear.com - Jamse Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, write about habits and human potential.
  • https://justinjackson.ca - Justin Jackson, creator of Marketing for Developers and Transistor.fm, focus on topics like product marketing, traction, finding out what people want, idea validation, and mental health.
  • https://robwalling.com - Rob Walling, Co-Founder of Drip and the author of Start Small Stay Small, write about SaaS, startups, and bootstrapping.
  • https://briancasel.com - Articles about starting, growing & sustaining a self-funded business
  • https://patwalls.co - Building starterstory.com and shipstreams.com 🚢 Launched 24hrstartup.com.


  • https://makermag.com - Maker Mag is a community-driven magazine dedicated to the indie maker culture.